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Technology of Holy Redeemer Christian Academy and Young Coggs Williams High School

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Equipping a new generation of learners and leaders.

Your student will use and explore tech through opportunities like Digital Media lab and Robotics class, interact in-class through the use of Promethean Board Mondopads, and VR capabilities and have access to potential-unlocking apps and services,

In-Class Tech

Access to new laptops, Promethean Board Mondopads, and VR capabilities for every classroom.

Cameras & Livestreaming Capabilities

New cameras ensure access to high-res class recordings & streams.

Campus-Wide Wi-Fi

Free (and strong) wireless internet whether in-class or at the sports fields!

New Electives

We're excited to students to explore our new Digital Media lab and Robotics class!

Campus Security

Hi-res security cameras and access control on buildings ensure student safety.

Google Drive

Free Good Drive Cloud access for every student & teacher.

Gmail Suite

Free Google Suite (apps and email) access for all students and teachers.

Right Now Media

Free, unlimited access to Bible studies, books, and music for students and families.

RIGHT NOW MEDIA to Spritual Growth

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